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Brioche Texture Butter Incorporation into Croissant Dough Folding the Dough Folding High Hydration Dough Hand-Mixing Dough Hand-Mixing Dough Through Stretching & Folding Scoring and Steaming Shaping a Baguette Shaping a Batard Shaping a Bouton d’Or Shaping a Corn Bread Shaping a Croissant Shaping a Diadème Shaping a Fendu Shaping a Pain de Beaucaire Shaping a […]

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Pain Héloïse

Pain Héloïse with (left to right) coconut milk, agave nectar and coconut oil Having made the commitment at the beginning of this year to eat only foods that are fresh, unprocessed and nutritious, I know what it feels like to give up foods that one has become accustomed to and has enjoyed over the years. […]

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Multigrain Bread

Multigrain Bread Alright everyone.  Get out your monogrammed stationery and Cross pen.  This is a bread that you simply must write home about. Up until this point, I’ve not been a real big fan of multigrain bread.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve never had the pleasure of sampling a really well-made multigrain loaf.  To me, multigrain […]

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Brioche Nanterre

Brioche Nanterre – Perfect for a Picnic! Cooler evenings, lengthening shadows and the slightest hint of crimson on the maple trees can mean only one thing… autumn in New England is rapidly approaching!  While some here may view the onset of autumn with trepidation, being the harbinger of the New England winter which can oftentimes be quite brutal, to me autumn is a season […]

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Baguettes à la Bouabsa Baguettes with Poolish Bialys Brioche Nanterre Cherry Pecan Bread Ciabatta using Double Flour Addition/Double Hydration Ciabatta using Double Hydration Cinnamon Raisin Bread Cloverleaf Rolls Corn Bread Croissants Gougères Multigrain Bread New York-Style Pizza Pain de Beaucaire Pain de Campagne Pain au Chocolat Pain Héloïse Pain au Levain Pain au Levain using […]

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