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Sticky Buns

Sticky Buns I know.  It’s hard to get excited about yet another baking blog posting a recipe for sticky buns.  But before you leave here to go send those “Happy New Year” e-mail messages to friends and family that you should have already sent (Freudian projection, anyone?), just take a few more minutes to read further.  These aren’t your […]

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Le Petit Déjeuner If I had to choose a single pastry that is the embodiment of all that is French viennoiserie, it would have to be the croissant.  In the U.S., croissants have been steadily increasing in popularity, particularly as the basis for a wide variety of breakfast sandwiches.  When properly baked, the croissant has a crisp, flakey exterior with a light, […]

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Brioche Nanterre

Brioche Nanterre – Perfect for a Picnic! Cooler evenings, lengthening shadows and the slightest hint of crimson on the maple trees can mean only one thing… autumn in New England is rapidly approaching!  While some here may view the onset of autumn with trepidation, being the harbinger of the New England winter which can oftentimes be quite brutal, to me autumn is a season […]

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