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Musings on Mixing…

I’m a firm believer that >95% of the problems encountered by bread bakers originate at the mixing stage.  The main objective of proper mixing is to develop the gluten sufficiently so that it can effectively trap the CO2 produced during fermentation.  Overmixing should be avoided since it can lead to an overly strong dough which can result in a loaf with poor volume and a tough crumb.    […]

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Baguettes with Poolish

It’s been said that the baguette, although one of the simplest breads (being comprised of only flour, water, yeast and salt), is perhaps the most difficult bread to make well. A good baguette has a thin, crisp crust, a light and airy crumb having a distribution of both large and small air pockets (alveoli), and a slightly […]

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