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Baguettes la Bouabsa

When I first started learning how to bake bread a few years ago, my goal then, as it is to this day, was to be able to bake breads with superior flavor, texture and aesthetics. Most of the bread books I’d read at the time, as well as most of the professional bakers with whom […]

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Here in the U.S., ciabatta has become the quintessential Italian bread. Characterized by a crisp, flour-dusted crust, a holey interior and a rustic, “slipper-like” shape, ciabatta is ideal for dipping into any one of a number of wonderfully aromatic, herb-infused olive oils. When sliced horizontally, it also makes great sandwiches, the holey crumb providing deep […]

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Rosemary Focaccia

There’s something about focaccia that I can’t quite put my finger on. People who wouldnormally just pass around the breadbasket at the dinner table without partaking, lunge hungrily at pieces of focacciawhen included as part of thebreadbasket fare. Perhaps it’s the delicious unctuousness of the surface cratersfilled with fragrant rosemary oil. Or maybe it’s the […]

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